Blue Mother Tupelo

Some artists just cannot be kept down - they are irrepressible. Their years of traveling the roads of the South, playing anywhere they can and writing and performing some of the best tunes that two people can possibly put together eventually will show even the best critics and record labels that they are truly a force to be reckoned with. Self-produced ... they have made one of the finest CDs I have heard this year. They are true indie singer-songwriters that have put forth a thing of beauty.

Blue Mother Tupelo is quite possibly the best husband and wife duo you've never heard of.

The end result is like a meal of homegrown vegetables -- there's something so much fresher, so much more authentic, lovingly cared for and hand-crafted. It's a slurry of sound from a grab-bag of Southern soil -- It's earthy and gritty and celebratory -- the sound of two people who aren't afraid to get that dirt beneath their nails, who recognize that callused hands and muddy jeans are hallmarks of a hard-working man or woman to be worn with pride.

From an interview with critically acclaimed Vanguard Recording artist Mindy Smith - ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE. I started writing and playing guitar after I moved to Tennessee", Mindy says. "I had never heard music like Shawn Colvin, Alison Krauss, the Cox Family and Blue Mother Tupelo. They all inspired me.

Ricky and Micol Davis, shortly after marrying in 1994, began their musical life together at an open mic night at Sassy Ann's in Knoxville, which proved to be the beginning of something very special. After releasing their debut album, My Side Of The Road, in 1997, they moved to Nashville in 1998. Vanguard recording artist Mindy Smith, who had just moved from Knoxville to Nashville a few months earlier, encouraged Ricky and Micol to move to Music City, where open mics, jam sessions and songwriter rounds found the duo ready for 2001's Delta Low ~ Mountain High, a release that continues to garner favor and attract media attention. 2005's Miramax film, Daltry Calhoun, features Blue Mother Tupelo's dreamy rendition of the Paul Anka classic, "Put Your Head On My Shoulder," and the movie's soundtrack also includes BMT's version. Love Live ~ 5 Songs From The Road showcases some live favorites recorded between 2001 and 2006, and highlights BMT’s penchant for jams and spontaneous sincerity. The song “Without You” (from Delta Low ~ Mountain High) is included in 2009’s 1970s style film, Sugar Boxx, directed by cult film maker Cody Jarrett. Through the years, BMT has traveled wherever the music leads—touring, recording, and living through their music.

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