The Can Kickers

Old-Timey Riot Music For Dancing The Can Kickers play loud, fast old timey music with the occasional funky beat thrown in. Think what would happen if Minor Threat and the Ramones picked up banjoes and fiddles and joined a New Orleans-style second line. The Can Kickers like to play shows for people who like to dance. They've played over 600 shows since 2000 in basements, living rooms, bars, clubs, festivals, bomb shelters, on the back of a moving bus, on the back of a moving pickup truck, and even at a stadium once. They've played all over the US multiple times and taken a trip or two to Ireland and the Netherlands. They have also recently returned from a 7 week tour of Mexico. It's all about having a good time, so come out and see them live on Saturday, January 9 at the Coffeetree!

"The Can Kickers really know how to turn an old-time tune into a joyful, foot-stomping, shout it out, party!" -Tommy Ramone

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