Gold Heart

“They absolutely knocked my socks off! They are called “Gold Heart” and these young ladies are true to their name. Their pure talent is amazing and their harmonies are enough to break your heart. I really can’t say enough about how good they sound. It reminded me of the first time I heard Rhonda Vincent or Dry Branch Fire Squad—a unique sound all their own. Simply inspiring! They are a pure listening joy!”—Les Evans


Gold Heart is an award-winning band with a "fresh zest"! The band is revving up listeners and capturing hearts world wide with their pure family harmony, solid lead vocals and energetic instrumentation. Their unique "slow drive" sound is unmistakable and captivating. Since the bands first stage appearance in September of 2005, the girls have been impressing audiences from coast to coast!

The band features the three Gold Sisters...Analise on mandolin, Jocelyn on guitar and Shelby on fiddle. Each sister also contributes their jaw-dropping vocal talent. Their own Dad, Trent Gold, holds the band steady on bass, with family friend, Zach Gilmer on the 5-string banjo.

The talent of these sisters stops with neither their refined instrumentation nor their harmonious renderings. They each have the special gift of song writing and have written and arranged some truly remarkable pieces. Jocelyn penned the majority of the bands impressive material and was a finalist in the 2008 Chris Austin Songwriters Competition.

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