Harpeth Rising

Harpeth Rising is something new. Their sound, comprised of violin, banjo, cello and drums is both recognizable and undefinable. Jordana Greenberg (violin, vocals,) and Rebecca Reed-Lunn (banjo, vocals,) started the band as just a duo under the name Sisters Grimm, busking their way across the United States in the summer of 2007. They then spent a year on Maui, performing, writing songs and developing their sound. Within their short stay in Hawaii, they were featured in Maui Times, Maui News, Maui Weekly, and made numerous live recordings for Mana’o Radio. They returned to the Mainland in 2008, moving to Nashville, TN. It was their great fortune that two of their friends and fellow musicians from Indiana University moved to Memphis around the same time. Ruth Valente Burgess (cello) and Christopher Burgess (hand drums) became permanent members of the band, creating the group that would become Harpeth Rising. The quartet performs regularly throughout the United States, drawing audiences in with music that is somehow timeless and still utterly unique. Their debut album, Harpeth Rising, is a collection of passionate, intricately arranged original songs. They are crying for change, questioning the past, and tracking down the revolution, via delicate harmonies and blazing instrumentals.

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