The John Cowan Band

Bluegrass, Newgrass, Gospelgrass, Rock N’ Rollgrass…true innovators like John Cowan break boundaries and personify innovation. John’s ability to take audiences on a musical journey through multiple genres has made him one of the most unique vocal artists of his generation.

John Cowan rose to fame when he became the lead singer for New Grass Revival. He and band mates Sam Bush, Bela Fleck and Pat Flynn introduced a new generation of music fans to an explosive, experimental brand of bluegrass…Newgrass! However, after inspiring and entertaining fans for nearly two decades, New Grass Revival disbanded in 1990.

On his own, John was free to give his creative muse full rein. He recorded a series of critically acclaimed albums spanning the musical spectrum, often bending and blending genres.

In the early nineties, John joined the Doobie Brothers and lent both his bass and vocal skills to this iconic band on tour. However, after just two short years, John once again felt restless and returned to a solo career that allowed him more expressive freedom.

As the 21st century began, John found himself coming full circle, returning to his roots in Newgrass and forming The John Cowan Band. Though the line-up has changed from time to time, John has always surrounded himself with only the finest acoustic musicians. The band’s current line-up features John on bass and lead vocals, Jeff Autry on guitar (acknowledged as one of America’s best flat-pickers), John Frazier on mandolin (a true rising star in the acoustic world), Shad “Lightning” Cobb on fiddle (world renowned for his blazing finger work) and Bryon Larrance on percussion (the newest addition to JCB, allowing for an expanded repertoire).

John comments, “Our music has evolved organically, it's rooted in my Newgrass days but I’m also exploring and breaking new ground as well…these guys are very talented and I love playing with ‘em…of course the true measure is the fantastic response we’ve gotten from audiences on tour. We love performing, its food for the soul.”

And, upon further reflection, John adds, “What we did back in the NGR days was unique…we weren’t really playing Bluegrass, we were playing contemporary music on traditional instruments. Our vision was to take acoustic music somewhere new. The John Cowan Band is now recapturing the magic of that ground-breaking experimentation and taking it to the next level, come out and see what I mean, a JCB Jam is something special and we’d love to share it with y’all!”

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