Kevin Stonerock

With the advent of the Americana genre, Kevin Stonerock has finally found a place to hang his hat. For the first two decades of his career, he never quite knew where he fit in. "When I was getting started, my music was too folk for the rock market, too country for the folk crowd and too rock and roll for mainstream country. I finally gave up trying to please the 'suits' and just kept writing. It's good to have a niche after all these years."

Kevin's early influences include artists from the folk revival of the early 60's and country roots artists like Johnny Cash and Marty Robbins. "I liked Johnny Cash before it was hip." Later influences were the singer-songwriters and harmony-laden acoustic based groups of the late 60's and early 70's. These influences, combined with his small-town Midwestern upbringing, have resulted in a multitude of original songs that fall somewhere between folk and alt-country. Songs with straight-forward, picture-evoking, accessible lyrics performed with an honesty of emotion.

With 30 years experience as a performing songwriter and actor (Kevin has also written five one-man dramatic characterizations which have been performed over 3,000 times), Kevin's quick wit and affable, down-to-earth style connects with his audience and puts them at ease as if they were carrying on a conversation with an old friend on the front porch. He has performed in venues of all types, from concert halls to living rooms and pretty much everything in between. Primarily a solo performer, Kevin accompanies himself on guitar and harmonica. To date, Kevin has five solo releases, beginning in 1978 and including his current (2007) release "Land of a Thousand Smiles" on Two Moon Records.

"Kevin's fluid guitar playing is strong and inspired." - Guitar Player Magazine
"He is a performer at heart." - New Castle Courier Times
"Very, very solid...he's definitely a talent worth watching." - Freight Train Boogie

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