Rhythm Angles

Celeste Krenz hails from the ranch country of North Dakota; Rebecca Folsom from the mountains of Colorado. As happens with traveling troubadours, their careers circumvented each other for years until one night, as if by fate, they were scheduled to perform together, for the first time ever, in-the-round at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN. Inspired by the richness of the harmonies that came through their very different textured voices, Krenz and Folsom, began to perform in the round on a regular basis. After sold out shows at Colorado’s Rialto Theater and Swallow Hill Music Hall, it was clear audiences felt the magic too. > > Their sound has been described as enchanting and transportive, at times angelic and then earthy. Their chemistry on stage is funny and open- hearted. Audiences relish in their songs that tell stories of love an hope. The song ‘Girls Like Us’, for instance states, “Girls like us aren’t scared of love, we look it in the eye, we try we let it change us”, while another favorite, ‘If I Had a Gun’ reveals that these two songwriters do not shy away from darker subjects…”If I Had a Gun, you’d be dead, one to the heart, one to the head…if I had a gun, I’d drive away, I’d drive away…I’d drive away.” The beautiful sound of their voices, the depth and straight forward quality of their songwriting, and their easy going delivery, have audiences nodding yes in agreement to the great contrast in what it is to be human. Getting right to the heart of the matter, the Rhythm Angels come bearing beautiful gifts of simple truths, hope and beauty.

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