Richard Thorne

Although Richard was born in, what is referred to as, the "Finger Lakes" region of Upstate New York, he has been a long time resident of New York City. He has been at one time both an actor and dancer, but from an early age, has almost always been involved with music in one form or another. He started with piano at the age of 6, began playing the drums at age 10, and then some years later, picked up the guitar to write and perform his own songs. His influences and tastes are broad and varied, borrowing from just about everyone. He has been writing and performing his quirky, non traditional somewhat theatrical narrative folk pop and country folk songs for over 25 years. His most recent CD, ONE PLUS SIX, released in December 2007, contains a Christmas song (The One) "Plus Six" secular country folk songs featuring guitar, upright bass, banjo, fiddle and mandolin. His two previous CD's are the EP, UNDERCOVER, OVERACHIEVER (2000) and the album, AMALGAM (2005) , which received quite a bit of air play on both independent and internet radio stations. All three CD's are available at as well as at numerous digital music sites such as Apple I-Tunes. He continues to write and to perform occasionally in the NYC area as well as to tour outside of the Metropolitan area in the Northeast, the Mid Atlantic and in the Midwest. He is a long time member of ASCAP and a recipient of several of the organization's Popular Music Awards as well as a member of the Folk Alliance. He is also a long time suffering, but dedicated, Mets fan.

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