Roustabout is a trio of acoustic bass, fiddle, guitar, and vox fronted by Josh Philpott. The source material of Roustabout comes the American folk tradition and mainly the Appalachian old-time tradition. The goal is to keep the underlying qualities that make folk music magical while not being bound by the musical practices of it's tradition.

A message from the artist:

Good people,

This is Josh Philpott, the founder of Roustabout, writing with hopes of letting you know what the music is all about. Roustabout is an open-minded approach to playing folk music. With Roustabout's music, I feel free to borrow from whatever genre and time period I feel like: and I like alot of music. Before I express my love for folk music, let me continue to describe the approach that Roustabout takes. Qualities of music that are valued especially high in Roustabout include: beauty, intensity, interaction, and improvisation. A jazz mindset is one of the ingredients which makes Roustabout what it is. Many parts of the music remain unplanned with the intention of collectively discovering new musical ideas in the moment. This keeps the music fresh and exciting. What Roustabout tries to achieve musically isn't much different from many other types of music. I've allowed myself the freedom to pick and choose the musical elements that I favor and have placed them onto folk music to my best ability.

Let me just say that folk music is special. Although I'm very fond of most all music. Folk music has always set itself apart for me. Folk music lays the spirit bare. Not just the spirit of the individual but the spirit of people. Folk music speaks for people, to people, about people. Unaffected and impartial, it tells us stories of emotion and motive in an enlightening way. To me, folk music feels more like the facts of life rather than collections of individual's thoughts. Folk music accentuates the most beautiful and the most tragic parts of life. It doesn't give you answers, only stories. The rest is up to you. I can't say what folk music is about or what it's trying to say, but when a song makes your skin crawl you know it's saying something.

The members of Roustabout include myself (Josh Philpott) on guitar and vocals, Jeremy Darrow on acoustic bass, and whichever lucky fiddle/viola player we have playing with us. In case you've gotten this far without knowing, there is a record available called Sittin' on Top of the World. Follow the link or navigate to the Music page to hear clips, learn about the musicians, and to learn how to buy the Music.

Thanks for reading,
-Josh Philpott

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