Shad Cobb

Shad’s intricate and soulful style of playing has been compiled over the years from many of his early influences. The playing of such legendary fiddlers as Vassar Clements, Sam Bush, Art Stamper, Mark O’Connor, Kenny Baker and Byron Berline helped develop Shad’s playing throughout the earliest part of his musical career. Shad Cobb’s present-day virtuosity puts him at the forefront of top fiddlers in the country. Whether on one of his recordings, or in a live setting, the playing of Shad Cobb is quite an amazing thing to witness.

Born in Hazelville, WA, Shad Cobb began playing the fiddle at the age of thirteen, and his career started early with his family band that included his father and brothers. In '95, Shad moved to Nashville and began recording with some of Nashville’s top artists, including such acts as Bluegrass legends and Grand Ole Opry members the Osborne Brothers, vocalist Marty Rabon with his band Shenandoah, Country music icons like Willie Nelson, singer-songwriters like Steve Earle, and old-time and bluegrass musician/comedian Mike Snyder.

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