Jeff Autry

Jeff Autry grew up playing bluegrass in a musical family, and by his teenage years, he was performing with local bluegrass bands and touring the Southeast festival circuits. Autry recorded on Vestal’s new acoustic solo project, In Pursuit of Happiness, and joined Vestal on a 6-month tour of Japan. Upon returning to the US, Autry played with various touring bluegrass bands and became a prolific studio artist. His work is heard on the Pinecastle Instrumental series “Bluegrass 96-01," his solo recording ”Foothills”, Drew Emmetts' (of Left Over Salmon) Freedom Ride, and the last five releases by the John Cowan Band.

Missy Raines

“Raines continues to reach far beyond the confines of bluegrass with her inventiveness…Her roots remain distinctively bluegrass, while her originals and arrangements reflect her eclectic taste.” -Strings Magazine

Joanna Pregon


Joanna Pregon’s perception of the world expanded at an early age, she grew up surrounded by various cultures and unfamiliar languages. Born in Communist Poland to Ukrainian parents, her family moved to Germany before settling in the United States.

She lived in Connecticut and attended Pine Manor College in Massachusetts before her curiosity for the West and a growing desire to do creative work brought her to Arizona. While concluding her studies in graphic design, Pregon realized that painting was her true passion and calling. She has been expressing her creativity and unique vision through art ever since.

Richard Taylor

"I graduated from Atherton High School [in Louisville, Kentucky] in 1959. I went to the University of Kentucky where I majored in English, graduated in 1963 as an English major, and worked there with the campus literary magazine. At that time it was called Stylus. . . . From UK in 1963 I went to the University of Louisville, where I worked on a master's degree for a year in English. I graduated in '64, and I was not certain what to do at that point, so I was persuaded by my father to go to law school for the next three years at the University of Louisville Law School. I had a rather not-what-you-would-call-extensive law practice, in either duration or intensity. I clerked in law school for my father's law firm, and practiced nearly two months before giving up the practice of law.