Cuddle Magic

“Every song is woven gor­geously together out of so many dis­tinct sounds (all actual instru­ments played by actual human beings, if you’re into that kind of thing) that the color palette, rather than being lim­ited by the aver­sion to electrics and elec­tron­ics, actu­ally sounds sig­nif­i­cantly more var­ied and expan­sive than any­thing I’ve heard in quite a while.”
- Ampteater Review

“[Cuddle Magic's] “Picture” could be 2010′s most fascinating pop album…I can see this band going very far with what they do, I am sure fans will be willing to join them for the the ride.” - This Is Book’s Music

“…beautiful as anything you decide you are going to treasure.” - Said the Grammaphone, Best Songs of 2009

River Whyless

Asheville, North Carolina's River Whyless is a band much like that titular body of water - a mingling of currents, a flow of time and physical space, all brought together in a murmuring sense of purpose. It is the expression of a group of musicians, three of which are songwriters, who have played together in various forms since their college days in the North Carolina mountains. Their forthcoming EP, their first release since their 2012 debut album, is the next evolution of the band's collective voice.


The Oslo-based family band Feleboga has charmed and delighted audiences with its eclectic mix of tunes, songs and dances from the Appalachians, Cajun Louisiana, Scotland and Norway. Performing on fiddles, hardingfele, guitar, banjo, ukelele, spoons, etc. the band has performed concerts, appeared at festivals, played for and called dances and taught at workshops in Germany, Poland, Thailand, Norway and the US.


RASHMI is a singer, songwriter, actress, screenwriter and Brooklynite. Her melodic world and folk rock sound is unique, with her varied & diverse influences. Producer Parrish Highley says, “Her voice carries in that effortless way that fans of Sade, Mary Black, and the more recent Kate Bush would really enjoy.”

Baeble Music raves, “R​ashmi's impassioned voice can swing through careful precision to primal yelp on a dime.” Guitar World has also praised her for her lyrics and “lovely tone.” R​ashmi has a performance behind the microphone that’s influenced by her acting career in it’s expression, energy and authenticity.