Swing '39

Swing ‘39 is a quartet composed of two guitars, violin and bass. Its goal is to resurrect the sound of guitarist D'jango Reinhardt and violinist Stephane Grapelli in their years together in Paris just before World War II. Along with their cohorts in the quintet of the Hot Club of Paris, Django and Grapelli crafted a unique style – a mixture of American jazz and Parisian dance hall music spiced with Gypsy stylings. Often referred to as “hot club" the sound they made famous has become part of a larger genre known as “gypsy jazz”. Swing 39 plays the original compositions of D'jango and popular tunes by composers such as Cole Porter, Gershwin, and Ellington in this style.

Screen Door Porch

About the Artist

Screen Door Porch delivers a Wyoming-grown fusion of soulful Americana, Country-Blues, and Roots-Rock akin to “Stevie Nicks meets The Band, with Ryan Adams and Bonnie Raitt hanging out backstage” (605 Magazine). Grooving, electrified porch music. For this trial-by-fire Winter 2015-16 Tour, Screen Door Porch will shove off for a five-month-long sojourn dubbed The Drifter Sessions. The Duo will embrace a different town/state each month for a series of weekly residencies and one-off shows featuring Screen Door Porch + Local Friends & Strangers. The States: Kentucky (Nov), North Carolina/Georgia (Dec), Texas (Jan), Colorado (Feb), and Wyoming/Utah (March).

Jeri Katherine Howell

About the artist:
Jeri Katherine Howell is a singer-songwriter-guitarist from Frankfort, Kentucky with a few things to say in the realm of feeling stuff, empowerment, and those good 'ol sounds we call folk, bluegrass and mountain music.

Maiden Radio

Maiden Radio is the result of a collaboration started six years ago between Cheyenne Mize, Julia Purcell, and Joan Shelley in Louisville, Kentucky.