Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth LaPrelle

Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth LaPrelle weave traditional music-- ballads, fiddle & banjo tunes, and harmony singing-- with stories and illustrated scrolls called "crankies" —one made of cloth, one of linoleum prints and one of shadow and papercuts.

View a video here.

Anna and Elizabeth, from Southwest Virginia, have spent the last months visiting with musicians and their kin, collecting songs and stories of musical lives and the mountains to create a show that focuses on the music of ballad singers Texas Gladden, of Salem Virginia, and Addie Graham of East Kentucky, and Clay City fiddler Lella Todd.

Rob Morsberger

Respected critics have weighed in with early raves for esoteric rocker Rob Morsberger’s brilliant new CD ‘Ghosts Before Breakfast.’ In her USA TODAY Listen Up Music Pick, Elysa Gardner highlighted the mournful song “Cobblestones,” praising it as an “exquisitely plaintive postcard from a lonely foreigner." And, in his
expansive write-up via syndicated tastemaker outlet BLOGCRITICS, veteran critic Jack Goodstein said the album is nothing less than “true art.”

Stirfy Musette

Stirfry Musette (formerly Hay and Ellis Stirfry) has an eclectic style which flies from gypsy to Latin to Celtic and and jazz and includes original compositions and musettes with an upbeat and dynamic spirit!

Jeff Ellis’s lightening-fingered guitar playing melds with Joanna Hay’s expressive violin and mandolin and Ben Griffith’s jubilant accordion and upright bass, while Jordon Ellis adds his unique flavor on percussion. This group will surprise and delight its audiences with its varied repertoire. This band brings joy to its performances, which are filled with laughter!

Jeff Coffin and the Mu'tet

The Mu’tet is led by Jeff Coffin, saxophonist from Dave Matthews Band. Also a composer, educator, and 3x Grammy winner, you likely also know Jeff from his 14 years with the genre-defying Bela Fleck & the Flecktones (1997-2010).

The Mu’tet takes its name from the word ‘mutation’, clearly reflecting Jeff’s idea that music must continue to change and mutate in order to grow.