Mary Elaine Morales

$10 (to be collected at door)

Sign-ups are now closed for this event. No more reservations will be taken by calling the Cafe, either. There will likely be a few seats available, and definitely standing room. Thank you!

While listening to the mellow sounds of her mother’s soprano wafting through the womb to the lilting melody of the alphabet song, Mary Elaine Morales knew music would forever be a part of her life. She can tell when music is playing even with her eyes closed! Growing up exposed to music of all genres—from bluegrass, to salsa, from classical piano to psychedelic prog rock—and having lived through the childhood shame of being forced to sing show tunes on a trampoline for New-Years-resolutionary-fitness-buffs at the local YMCA, has left Mary with unique and varied musical tastes, and an adaptability to whatever melodious mischief comes her way.

Mariana Bell with special guests Rogers, Ellis, and Hay

$10 (to be collected at door)

Weaving together elements of folk, alt-country, rock, and even jazz, indie singer-songwriter Mariana Bell (a Kentucky Colonel) returns to the Coffeetree for a night of acoustic music with special local native guests Molly Rogers, Jordon Ellis, and Joanna Hay. She'll play songs from her critically acclaimed self-released album Push (2011) as well as her forthcoming Caroline EP (2012) in this unique and soulful live show.

Mitch Barrett St. Patty's Day Celebration


Join us for a kickin' St. Patty's Day celebration with Mitch Barrett! There is storytelling at 5 pm, followed by a musical performance at 8 pm.

Mitch Barrett is one of folk music’s most sought-after and talented singer/songwriters. His approach to lyrical storytelling is true ‘Americana’, rooted in authentic experience, not just a record label’s genre. Mitch’s music draws from his Appalachian heritage and the values it instilled: agrarian work ethic, simple living, the importance of family and celebrating the joys and the struggles of everyday life through music and song.

"Ebullient choruses and complicated moods Literate verse and ravaged guitars and a level of composition and craftsmanship that brings to mind Lucinda Williams, Tom Petty, and Ryan Adams.” - Boston Globe

"It's no wonder that Amelia White is being touted as the next Lucinda Williams…but White has her own strong songs, and strong style.” - Washington Post

Perhaps her producer Marco Giovino explains Amelia’s music best: “How Van Gogh used canvas and paint to make his timeless masterpieces, Amelia uses lyric and melody to create songs that will touch and leave a lasting impression on every mood you've ever felt.”


$10 (to be collected at door)

All advance reservations for this performance have been taken, and online sign-ups have been closed. There may be a handful of seats available due to last-minute cancellations, but we cannot guarantee a seat at this time. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for your interest!

"Robinella's voice is so versatile - so utterly loose, carefree, and expressive no matter what the material is - that she glides into every tune..." - iTunes review

Robinella’s career began with a sort of luck that rarely comes to most artists within their lifetime. What started out as a simple husband-and-wife duo fresh out of college quickly grew to a full-fledged band that blended Bluegrass, Country and Jazz. The combination of Robinella's honey-sweet vocals with violin, mandolin, bass, drums and piano captivated audiences, thus creating the ever popular Robinella & the CC Stringband.

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