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Hymn for Her


Lucy Tight & Wayne Waxing are "Hymn For Her", a band that hails from anywhere they can park their trailer. H4H live, tour and record in their 16 foot, 1961 Bambi Airstream (comes with dog and baby). Their new release, 'Lucy & Wayne and THE AMAIRICAN STREAM' was entirely recorded in their classic trailer on a coast to coast U.S tour. They stopped at various campgrounds and friends’ driveways between shows, set up their gear in their Bambi/home recording studio, rolled tape and rocked out. Many photographs and videos were taken during this endeavour. The album was mixed by Jim Diamond (who did the first White Stripes record) and captures the live, raucous sounds of H4H.

Bach Bawk Bagawk

What happens when several experienced, chicken-loving musicians from other known bands set down the instruments that they normally play, and explore new ideas in a different realm on their completely wrong respective instruments? Absolute ecstasy. Bach Bawk Bagawk plays free range music; that is, music with no boundaries, from the eyes and mind of a chicken. There is no practicing, there is no writing; it is completely improvisational. No song is ever played twice. They will go from redneck raw to orchestral genius in 2.73 seconds for her pleasure....and yours, of course.

Holy Ghost Tent Revival


Characterized as "explosively intoxicating," Greensboro, NC's Holy Ghost Tent Revival cannot be pigeonholed into any popular genre. Melding brass with banjo, guitar, bass, drums, and keys this six-piece ensemble boasts an eclectic mash of instruments and styles -- a musical alchemy all their own.

Only A Song

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Ben Sollee's Ditch The Van Tour Presented By Kentucky Coffeetree Cafe

Over the years, the Kentucky Coffeetree Café has played host to a number of bands and artists, establishing themselves as a gathering place for live music and good conversation within their community of Frankfort, KY. This fall, they are taking their vision of sustainability and appreciation of live music to the next level by sponsoring Lexington-based artist Ben Sollee’s Ditch the Van tour.

The tour, which began August 18th in San Diego, finds Sollee literally ‘ditching the van,’ and strapping his cello instead to the back of his trusty bicycle for a trek that spans the entire breadth of the country. But he isn’t making the two-month endeavor alone; Frankfort’s own Jordon Ellis is accompanying him, equipped with a 90 pound drum kit in tow. Katie and Marty Benson of Fits Productions are also along for the ride, keeping a video/photo blog of each day’s progression. Footage from the first two weeks is already online and can be found at kentuckycoffeetree.com, along with updates as the tour progresses and a downloadable live track from Ben Sollee’s June 11 performance in Frankfort, Kentucky.

“Fits Productions and myself are thrilled to team up with the Kentucky Coffeetree Cafe for the Ditch the Van Tour,” says Sollee of the partnership. “We share their vision for livable, vibrant communities and the belief that sustainability is about localization.” Not only is the team reducing their carbon footprint by leaving the gas guzzling van behind, but they are reveling in the local communities they pass along the way, two concepts that the Coffeetree can fully stand behind. And because of the limitations of traveling solely by bicycle, the tour makes a point of visiting small towns and vibrant communities across Middle America that are often overlooked by other national tours.

As always, the Kentucky Coffeetree Café strives to join people together through an awareness of live music of all genres and by providing a space for the community to gather and organize missions of sustainability. Sollee reiterates their sentiments saying, “Frankfort, KY is benefiting greatly from the Coffetree's commitment to arts and bringing high quality performers to its historic downtown. We're hoping that touring by bike will offer just the kind of limitation we need to find other community oriented venues in towns across the country.”

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