Lauren’s multi-genre blend naturally comes through in her Americana song writing style. Lauren’s song subjects are personal, deep and thought provoking. Her sound is an expressive, eloquent portrayal of life through music. She feels her broad personal interest in music has helped her create a mix of folk, country, bluegrass, pop, blues and soul. Lauren says “I never wanted to be nailed down to one specific genre. I like the fact that I am all across the board.”

Country Music fans remember Donna Ulisse from her time as a traditional country artist on Atlantic Records in the 1990's with national television appearances on "Hee Haw", NBC's "Hot Country Nights”, “Nashville Now", and "Crook and Chase". During that time she also released a critically acclaimed country album titled "Trouble at the Door" with three singles and two videos.

Honky-tonk for the modern cowboy and girl
The rollicking country swing of the Sweetback Sisters is as infectious as it is heartbreaking. Their charismatic charm harkens back to the golden era of both the silver screen cowgirl and the ersatz cowboy stars of local UHF TV kiddie shows. That whimsical exterior is wrapped around a core of deeply felt love for traditional country music styles and a palpable joy in playing and singing together.

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