From 1980-2000, Toni Brown was owner and publisher of Relix Magazine, a bible amongst Deadheads and a visionary link to "intelligent music alternatives." Relix propelled the Jamband scene, and Toni has taken her place as a performing participant.

" He has earned a level of respect and recognition that places him in the vanguard of pioneers of the contemporary roots music movement." --Toronto Star

With "Boxcars Of Memories" (Ashwood Recordings/CD), his eighth and newest album release, Alan Rhody gives us an intimate tour, a wide-ranging emotional chart of one of today's standout solo acoustic artists in that great expanse known as the singer-songwriter.

Characterized as "explosively intoxicating," Greensboro, NC's Holy Ghost Tent Revival cannot be pigeonholed into any popular genre. Melding brass with banjo, guitar, bass, drums, and keys this six-piece ensemble boasts an eclectic mash of instruments and styles -- a musical alchemy all their own.

Unlike his Amish grandfather who had to form a string band on the sly, Trent Wagler is anything but shy about making music with The Steel Wheels. But like that harmonica-playing grandpa, the band both respects and breaks tradition with every note. Take the title track of the band’s new album, Red Wing. When Wagler, the band’s primary songwriter, heard the tune throughout his childhood while visiting family in Bean Blossom, Indiana, it was always played as an upbeat reel; he thought it was better as a slow, melancholy song, so he reinvented
it with his own words. The Steel Wheels recorded it in a Shendandoah Valley cabin hideaway with internationally known folk harmonizers Robin and Linda Williams. This

Bawn in the Mash is set to release their third independent album entitled Confluence (2009). Produced by Chris Henry and recorded August 2008 at Chateau D'Mashville in Paducah, KY, the album once again will feature the artwork & design of Darin Shock, and contain all new original material written by Bawn in the Mash.
A confluence is defined as the flowing together of two or more streams. With producer Chris Henry at the helm, Confluence takes listeners on a trip down distributary into uncharted waters, channeling the wavelengths & frequencies available in Western Kentucky.

Mitch Barrett is one of folk music’s most sought-after and talented singer/songwriters. His approach to lyrical storytelling is true ‘Americana’, rooted in authentic experience, not just a record label’s genre. Mitch’s music draws from his Appalachian heritage and the values it instilled: agrarian work ethic, simple living, the importance of family and celebrating the joys and the struggles of everyday life through music and song.

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