Bach Bawk Bagawk

What happens when several experienced, chicken-loving musicians from other known bands set down the instruments that they normally play, and explore new ideas in a different realm on their completely wrong respective instruments? Absolute ecstasy. Bach Bawk Bagawk plays free range music; that is, music with no boundaries, from the eyes and mind of a chicken. There is no practicing, there is no writing; it is completely improvisational. No song is ever played twice. They will go from redneck raw to orchestral genius in 2.73 seconds for her pleasure....and yours, of course. In recent news, the band just recorded a full, single take, live in the studio on the spot, 2hr and 20min soundtrack to the action smash "The Rock." On top of that, they are in the laborious process of cutting that soundtrack into songs for their upcoming 87 album box set release. Feed is their poison, and hen pecking is their pastime. This is what America has been waiting for. Eat more red meat.

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