Benefit for Path to Freedom, with Brother Duets by The Ridgewood Boys

All donations go to the Path to Freedom project

In the mid-1980s, the Dervaes family set out to do the impossible: live a self-sufficient, low-impact life in the heart of a California city. Their ordinary urban lot in Pasadena, called Path to Freedom, is now an organic permaculture garden that supplies nearly all their food. Jules, Justin, Anais and Jordanne now power their home with alternative energies, brew their own bio-diesel, keep farm animals, use secondhand goods in place of new, and employ many back-to-basics skills.

The nonprofit Dervaes Institute works to document and share this hard-won knowledge through lectures, films, and their extensive website

The evening will be filled with brother duets by our favorite father-son duo - The Ridgewood Boys. They will recreate a magical kind of singing that ruled country music in the 30s and 40s - and then, sadly, faded in obscurity. You will be treated to tunes by the Delmore Brothers, Monroe Brothers, Blue Sky Boys, Bailes Brothers, Stanley Brothers, Louvin Brothers, and Everly Brothers.

During the intermission, we will feature "Homegrown Revolution", a 15-minute documentary about Path to Freedom.

About the artists:

Building on riveting father-son harmonies and a sound way bigger than two instruments should be able to make, the Ridgewood Boys make music that conjures up an Appalachian Sunday afternoon spent sitting on the front porch with friends and family. Chris and Rick Saenz love the old gospel songs, the ones you've known forever and the ones you haven't heard yet. Listening to the Ridgewood Boys sing is sure to lift your spirit and put a song in your own heart.

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