Neil Jacobs


Neil Jacobs is truly a master of the acoustic 12-string guitar. With his own style of playing that the St Louis Riverfront Times describes as "mesmerizing" and the Austin Chronicle describes as "the rockin'est since early Leo Kottke", Neil covers a full spectrum of styles and dynamics, touching on music diverse and varied as Gypsy, World, Balkan Folk, Jazz, and Fingerstyle guitar. A self-taught musician, Neil draws inspiration from his world travels and experiences. His most recent focus includes the Gypsy music of Eastern Europe and the Balkans, which is showcased in his third CD "American Gypsy." For that CD, he draws from his first hand knowledge of Eastern European Gypsy, Balkan and World Folk music to create his riveting compositions. The "American Gypsy" CD was nominated "Album of the Year" in the 2001 "American Independent Music Awards".

In 2008 Neil released his most ambitious solo CD, "12-String Guitar", featuring exclusively true solo orchestral 12-string guitar, with many of his never before released concert classics such as "Ghostrider Medley", "Belfast", "Song for Huddy", and "Moscow Calling". "12-String Guitar" features a striking array of styles and compositions ranging from playful to pensive. In this, his sixth CD, Neil spans 30 years of composing and includes some his earliest pieces and childhood memories, as well as some of his favorite rousing concert favorites. All compositions are performed solo without the aid of overdubs, looping or special effects on five of Neil's favorite 12-string guitars.

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